RPY’s Services

RPY Innovations offers a full range of services as stand-alone offerings or to help you manage your project.  Some of the ways in which we have helped clients include financial analysis, assistance with regulators, RFP management, training, gap analyses, policy development, strategic planning, and project management.  Read on to learn how our hands-on approach can help you. 



Compliance is hard enough when you’re dealing with governmental and industry regulations that you have worked with for years.  When you become a payment facilitator, or are considering the ramifications of being a money transmitter, or move into global payment acceptance, things get even more complex.  Can you comfortably answer your Acquirer’s Regulatory Compliance/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) questionnaire?  A compliance program is more than approval of a concept.  It is the everyday management of policies, procedures, and internal controls.  

RPY Innovations has the expertise to assist you – from writing your policies to implementing them to streamlining your practices. Let us review your policies and procedures for compliance to make sure you are auditable and managing your risk to the lowest level possible.


If your project requires a merchant pricing analysis, or you need an interchange analysis, we can develop a spreadsheet that delivers the information you need to make decisions.  Perhaps you require a partner analysis for vendor selection.  We can untangle the variances in proposals so that you have a true picture of which solution provides the best financial return. A product gap analysis?  We can do that! 


Expanding into a country without doing advance research can turn a project into a quagmire of unforeseen difficulties. Our customized country report will outline the regulatory and compliance requirements and help you navigate the details of entering a new market before spending expensive technical and business development resources.

RPY Innovations has the project management capability you need to get your strategic plan off the ground. We will work alongside your internal and external teams and manage the project plan with secured online tools.  To facilitate communication and keep the project on track we will liaison with key personnel throughout organization and insure management is able to execute the deliverables.

Project Management

It is crucial to meet your Acquirers and the Card Brands program standards requirements and all country-specific laws and regulations.  We can review your organization’s ability to anticipate and safeguard against internal and external risk in your portfolio.  RPY Innovations will help you develop and implement all necessary policies and insure you are prepared for compliance audits.  

Policy & Audit Preparation

You want your organization to have the skills and knowledge in place to support your growth plans.  RPY Innovations offers education to all levels of your organization and in a variety of formats, from executive roundtable discussions to new employee training.  We can customize training for both general industry topics and client or project-specific areas.  Here are some of the modules available:

  • Underwriting and Risk

  • Compliance and Regulations

  • Payments 101

  • Customer Service

  • International Currency Management

  • Operational Workflow

  • Payment Facilitation

  • Exceptions Handling

  • Solution Selling