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We are consultants to the global FinTech payments industry and our business is to help you better monetize payments. 

Whether you are interested in global expansion, need your Payment Institution license in Europe, want to become a payment facilitator, need compliance guidance or simply want to weigh the options, RPY has the expertise and experience to guide you.  Today as digital purchasing and globalizaton are impacting your business, acceptance models and their contractual arrangements are changing rapidly.  Integrated payments, real-time payments, and social payments are evolving in an ecosystem that is more dynamic than ever before.  RPY can help you navigate and grow in this environment.  We can help you with every facet of your payments operations.  With advice and education, introductions and analysis, we are committed to the success of your payments strategy.  Through strategic and tactical planning and execution, RPY can deliver more profitability to your business.

Who We Work With

and what RPY can do for you

Payment Facilitators

Software companies are realizing they can generate more revenue and have better financial governance over pricing and support to their customers by becoming a Payment Facilitator.  As a result, payment facilitation is the fastest growing payments model over the past ten years.  From 2009 when rules were first established to today 1,020 organizations have registered as payment facilitators globally.

Payment facilitation gives you more control over underwriting, onboarding and settlement to your customers. From simplified pricing to an easy online merchant application process and service, your customers will only interface with your organization.  The stringent compliance requirements associated with AML, customer screening and KYC must be met prior to approval as a payment facilitator and then be routinely managed.  We will help you accomplish all this. RPY provides a robust, hands-on program for our clients to become approved and registered as a payment facilitator, from working with you through the application process to implementing policies and procedures, to training and rollout across your organization.     

Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs)

Integrating payments is a major trend today because software platform providers are realizing they can better serve their clients by offering a complete business management solution, and that solution must include payments.  ISVs can then participate in a revenue stream from payments, enjoy stickier relationships with clients and have a closer partnership with their payments processor.   

Have you considered payment facilitation but worry that it would be too distracting from your core business?  RPY can help you select a payment partner with an ISV program that provides revenue sharing and a cooperative plan for working with your clients without the need to become a payment facilitator.  We can help you streamline your integrations and assist in developing pricing strategies that are effective at both winning customers and providing a better revenue for your organization.  If you have global initiatives, we can find the right partner in each region or country for providing the payment methods your merchants customers prefer.  Whether you have international requirements, mobile requirements, need to upgrade to EMV, or have an application that is focused on card not present, RPY can pilot you into a better payments situation.


While the payment facilitator model has grown in popularity as a way to board merchants quickly and with minimal friction, the marketplace model can be more suitable to aggregators wanting to globalize their seller organization without being incorporated in all the countries of interest or have an acquirer for each country.  If you manage your sellers refunds and chargebacks on their behalf or are willing to take on these responsibilities, as well as being considered as a money transmitter, RPY can help.  We will assist your business in considering all the aspects of being a marketplace model from developing the proper policies and procedures to developing an operations workflow that complies with all the regulations. 

The payments industry is an increasingly dynamic and intriguing sector for investment.  Investors of all types are understanding the tremendous upside of monetizing payments, but there are intricacies to consider that your investigators might not be aware of.  Whether the business is focused on B2B, B2C, mobile, card present or international customers, we have the expertise to assist your organization in understanding the models available for your investment.  We can train your business development team in the language of payments, the players and the trends.  We can assist your financial analysis team in the complexities of interchange, card brand fees, acceptable acquirer cost, helping everyone to understand the profit margin you can expect from your investment.  RPY can help you maximize payments revenue and show you the potential areas for greatest growth.



Acquirers are often challenged to procure technologies and partnerships that meet the organization’s unique needs and objectives. This may include things such as new banking relationships, BIN sponsorships, alternative payments, new ISV relationships and product enhancements.  RPY has the contacts and expertise to make the right connections.  

You want your organization to have the skills and knowledge in place to support your growth plans.  RPY offers education to all levels of your organization and in a variety of formats, from executive roundtable discussions to new employee training.  We can customize training for both general industry topics and project specific areas.     


Today’s merchant needs expertise in digital transactions and the technologies associated with these purchases.  The payments industry uses many single-digit letters to describe how we pay: ecommerce, m-commerce, f-commerce [for Facebook], and now a-commerce [Alexa or Digital Assistance]—but retailers know that consumers globally do not perceive it this way. It is simply making a purchase. RPY understands the array of technology choices, solutions offerings and payment types that are needed globally.  Through analysis and education we will provide an overview of options and the potential revenue and cost associated with various payments solution that can be considered.

Having prepared financial analysis for 80+ businesses accepting credit cards and all other forms of payment, we understand the complexities involved with payments.  From ensuring the acquirer is billing correctly, to auditing interchange, to leveraging technologies and systems in ways most expedient for specific sectors, RPY provides a data-driven approach that will give your organization a valuable resource.