Compliance, technology, risk management and the right partner are the keys to successful Payment Facilitation. Read on to learn how RPY Innovations can help you realize the benefits of taking control of your sub-merchant relationships. 

You know risk management is critical, yet you want to accept all legitimate and profitable merchants.  Use our expertise to help you refine your criteria, profiling and best practices for data collection and customer verification.  We’ll work with your team to put underwriting and activity management tools in place and streamline exception handling. 

Risk Management

RPY Innovations is ready to work with you after go-live to make sure all elements are working together.  We offer a complete suite of services to make sure your new offerings maintain and gain momentum. 


The term ‘Payment Facilitator’ is often applied to entities that simply aren’t.  Do you know the difference between being a Marketplace versus a Payment Facilitator versus a Payment Service Provider versus an ISV, and who carries the liabilities in one program versus another?  RPY Innovations can help you choose the program that makes sense for your organization through financial modeling, with deep dives into the responsibilities, financial terms, and most importantly, benefits of different scenarios.  We can show you where your maximum growth potential exists. 

Commercial Models