Software companies are realizing they can generate more revenue and have better financial governance over pricing and support to their customers by becoming a Payment Facilitator.  As a result, payment facilitation is the fastest growing payments model over the past ten years.  From 2009 when rules were first established to today 1,020 organizations have registered as payment facilitators globally.

Payment facilitation gives you more control over underwriting, onboarding and settlement to your customers. From simplified pricing to an easy online merchant application process and service, your customers will only interface with your organization.  The stringent compliance requirements associated with AML, customer screening and KYC must be met prior to approval as a payment facilitator and then be routinely managed.  We will help you accomplish all this. RPY provides a robust, hands-on program for our clients to become approved and registered as a payment facilitator, from working with you through the application process to implementing policies and procedures, to training and rollout across your organization.