Today’s merchant needs expertise in digital transactions and the technologies associated with these purchases.  The payments industry uses many single-digit letters to describe how we pay: ecommerce, m-commerce, f-commerce [for Facebook], and now a-commerce [Alexa or Digital Assistance]—but retailers know that consumers globally do not perceive it this way. It is simply making a purchase. RPY understands the array of technology choices, solutions offerings and payment types that are needed globally.  Through analysis and education we will provide an overview of options and the potential revenue and cost associated with various payments solution that can be considered.

Having prepared financial analysis for 80+ businesses accepting credit cards and all other forms of payment, we understand the complexities involved with payments.  From ensuring the acquirer is billing correctly, to auditing interchange, to leveraging technologies and systems in ways most expedient for specific sectors, RPY provides a data-driven approach that will give your organization a valuable resource.