Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs)

 Integrating payments is a major trend today because software platform providers are realizing they can better serve their clients by offering a complete business management solution, and that solution must include payments.  ISVs can then participate in a revenue stream from payments, enjoy stickier relationships with clients and have a closer partnership with their payments processor.   

Have you considered payment facilitation but worry that it would be too distracting from your core business?  RPY can help you select a payment partner with an ISV program that provides revenue sharing and a cooperative plan for working with your clients without the need to become a payment facilitator.  We can help you streamline your integrations and assist in developing pricing strategies that are effective at both winning customers and providing a better revenue for your organization.  If you have global initiatives, we can find the right partner in each region or country for providing the payment methods your merchants customers prefer.  Whether you have international requirements, mobile requirements, need to upgrade to EMV, or have an application that is focused on card not present, RPY can pilot you into a better payments situation.