Get Help With the Payment Institution Licensing Process

Payment Institution licenses are issued by each country’s Financial Services Authorities in Europe for Acquiring and Issuing companies. They regulate credit transfers, direct debits and card payments throughout the region to reinforce the rights and protections for consumers, retailers and businesses.

Getting your company ready to pass licensing by the Financial Services Authorities is a complex process, especially if this is your first time moving into international payments. Rocketpay Group gets you ready for this process by confirming that you meet the necessary requirements in these key areas:

  • Organizational structure
  • Risk management procedures
  • Money laundering controls and management policies
  • Capabilities
  • Reputation

Grow Your Domestic Merchant Accounts Globally With the Right Acquirer Connections

As a retailer, you know contracting with a domestic Acquirer or Payment Provider gets you lower interchange rates and high approval percentages. Finding these connections proves difficult when you don’t have any existing contacts in a particular region, or you’re unable to find the ones that meet your payment requirements.  We help you find the Acquirers with the right payment types and authorized currencies to fit into your business plans. 


Receive Assistance in Choosing the Right Global Payment Processing Technologies for Your Company

Do you know which global processing technologies make the most sense for your company? You have countless options for gateway, authorization and settlement solutions encompassing the full range of the electronic payment processing marketplace. When you aren’t familiar with your options, it’s easy to end up with the wrong fit that costs you money in the long run. Our experience in this marketplace helps us match your company with the best white-labelled or licensed real-time transaction processing solutions for your unique international payment requirements. The options we recommend support the following features:

  • Card issuing
  • Merchant acquiring
  • Interchange management
  • Transaction processing
  • Automated application processing
  • Transaction reporting
  • Accounting programs
  • Risk management
  • Back office systems featuring multiple currencies in multiple languages

Today’s global marketplace offers many opportunities for savvy companies willing to go outside of their domestic region. You know moving into new markets is the right move for your business, but the complex requirements and barriers to entry prevent you from growing at your intended pace.

Whether you’re a bank in Europe and you need to expand into the entire Asia-Pacific region or a Payment Service Provider setting up in a single country, Rocketpay Group has the experience and contacts to facilitate the necessary discussions and guide you through all regulations and requirements.  

You get lower interchange rates and high approval percentages by being introduced to the right Acquirers and Payment Providers. We help you get it done and keep every department in the loop through our project management services. 


Get the Foreign Exchange Technologies Required to Manage Multiple and Specific Local Currencies

Are you a merchant struggling with managing multiple or specific local currencies, due to inadequate operational or back office financial resources? Are you unable to work with receivables in multiple currencies or keep up with the current exchange rates?

Rocketpay Group will help you find a foreign exchange technology system to fix these problems for you. You no longer need to worry about currency fluctuation throughout the life cycle of the transaction. From authorization to settlement, refunds to chargebacks, we provide firms that deliver daily exchange rate pairs. You get to keep your accounting system in one domestic currency while meeting your consumer purchasing requirements. 


Stop Missing Out on Customers in Foreign Markets. Offer Their Preferred Local Payment Types

You have an easy time setting up credit and debit cards, but it’s easy to overlook many regions that prefer other payment methods. Learning the regulations and requirements of each option is difficult, especially if you are expanding into a full region rather than a single country.

Let your customers pay you the way they want, with the help of Rocketpay Group.

We look at your global payments plan, your expansion areas and your current capabilities. Our experience in international payments allows us to streamline your journey into offering preferred payment types regionally and internationally. 


Compliance Can Be Complicated – We Make Sure You Have It Covered

Compliance is hard enough when you’re dealing with domestic regulations that you have worked with for years. When you move into global payment processing, things get even more complex. Don’t try to figure it out yourself and put your business at risk. Let Rocketpay Group review your policies and procedures for compliance, so you don’t run into costly delays. 


Complement Your In-House Team With the Right Set of Skills, Experiences and Expertise to Successfully Achieve Your Global Payment Goals

An international payment strategy has many moving parts, some of which require skills and experience you don’t have internally. Rocketpay Group works alongside your team to offer the project management you need to get your strategic plan off the ground. We offer strong communication, the expertise you need and the project management skills required to work with your internal and external resources. 


Get Your Global Payments Launch Off on the Right Foot With Quality Training Programs

Your internal resources need a strong understanding of international payment strategies, if you’re going to continue your expansion over the long-term. We offer quality training programs designed to help key personnel expand their understanding of the global payment processing market, as well as education for sales teams that need assistance picking the right solutions for your company’s clients. 

Ready to get started with your international payment strategies? Contact us now to discuss your requirements.