Your payments business faces many challenges when you’re ready to expand to new regions. Each area has local payment preferences, international transaction regulations and countless other details to consider in this process.
The right information is critical when creating an effective global payments plan. When you know the right people and organizations to connect with, you position yourself to act on prime opportunities.

Companies face frequent strategic decisions that may need expertise not available in-house, as well as working through a large learning curve that’s repeated for each new international expansion.

What if you could get global payment strategies developed specifically for your unique needs and requirements?


Rocketpay Group helps you with every step of your global expansion process. From introductions to negotiations, we are committed to the success of your payment strategy. Our extensive experience in global payments provides you with the information you need to know about this complex process.  

We assist you with building competitive solutions featuring a tactical and practical approach for success. We do more than just advising your organization. We are involved throughout the entire process and provide the necessary expertise to execute your global payments strategy. Our data-driven approach, industry contacts and project management expertise give your company a valuable resource in your international payment plan. 



You’re getting ready for an expansion from a domestic company to a global business and you need to procure currency processing technologies for your organization’s unique needs. The market has many options with their own advantages and disadvantages, and there’s not always enough information available to determine whether a solution is a good long-term fit.

Rocketpay Group looks at your situation and gives you the information you need to successfully process international payments. We address important considerations in the following areas:

  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Interchange Management
  • Transaction Processing
  • Foreign Exchange Technologies
  • Back Office Systems Supporting Multiple Currencies in Multiple Languages


Your products are appealing for multiple international markets, so a global expansion would contribute to your revenue significantly. There are risks associated with this move, so it’s important to have the right resources available to support this move.

RocketPay Group works with your marketing, product management and technology teams to create and implement an international retail payments strategy. Whether you want country-specific local payments or cross-border payments around the world, we help you decide the best payment types and providers for your unique requirements.

independent software vendors / value-added resellers

As a Value Added Reseller or Integrated Service Vendor, you have many reasons to add payments to your offerings without turning the payment solution over to an Acquirer or ISO partner. When an organization moves into handling contracts, compliance requirements and expanded operations, more resources are often required.  We assist you with getting a Payment Facilitation license wherever your market reaches so you can expand your operations and fuel a strong growth strategy.


Want more control over your integrated payments by directly controlling underwriting, boarding and settlement of funds to your customers, rather than letting an Acquirer generate the merchant account? The compliance requirements associated with aggregating multiple merchant transactions under your account are complex. Failure to stay in compliance can lead to many issues, including account termination.

Rocketpay Group helps your company get fully licensed as a Payment Facilitator by:

  • Handling the paperwork
  • Developing payment facilitation policies
  • Helping you find and implement the right technology
  • Identifying and resolving compliance problems