Compliance and technology are the keys to successful aggregation of small sub-merchant accounts

The merchant aggregation model covers all commerce types, including the merchant face-to-face environment, e-commerce and mobile merchants. Visa’s Payment Service Provider (PSP) and MasterCard Worldwide Payment Facilitators model increase card acceptance for merchants who lack a traditional acquiring relationship.

If your company wants to aggregate payments of global sub-merchant accounts, you have to position yourself as a licensed acquirer in their domestic country or region. The process for getting your business a Payment Facilitation license can be complex, confusing and time consuming. Rocketpay Group offers the help you need to expand your market reach worldwide. 


Do You Need Help With Your Contracts, Compliance and Operations as an ISV or VAR?

Do you want to move away from turning your merchant accounts over to an Acquirer or ISO partner? You face a tricky road ahead in the Payment Facilitation licensing process. Get Rocketpay Group’s help in getting the right contracts in place, discovering potential compliance problems and adjusting your business operations to focus on global payments. 


Offer Locally Preferred Payment Types to Capture More Retail Customers

Traditional credit and debit cards are used heavily in the United States and United Kingdom, but other regions have their own local preferences. You miss out on retail sales in these countries if you don’t use commonly accepted payment types, but you’re overwhelmed by figuring out the requirements for each option.

Rocketpay Group matches up the payment types that work with your business goals and connects you directly to the organizations handling these payment types on a regional and international level. You can focus on your other logistical concerns associated with going global – we have you covered on the payments front. 


Don’t Take the Costly Risk of Falling Out of Compliance

All it takes is missing one small detail to put your entire business at risk, due to a compliance problem. We offer a full compliance review of your policies and procedures, paying close attention to the following areas:

  • Merchant application
  • Merchant category codes assignment
  • Area of jurisdiction
  • Rules compliance
  • Account screening
  • Portfolio review
  • Portfolio metrics
  • Fraud policies
  • Risk tools
  • Terms of merchant agreements
  • Terms of acquirer agreements
  • Chargeback management
  • PCI & PA-DSS compliance

Use Project Management to Keep Your Global Payments Plan On-Budget and On-Schedule

You have significant resources and an infrastructure designed to accommodate domestic payments, but moving into international payments requires the type of specialized expertise you may not have in-house. Rocketpay Group has the global payment project management experience necessary to develop the business and strategic plan, secure and manage your internal and external resources to meet your goals, and keep communication flowing between all involved parties. 


Get Your Company Up to Speed on Global Payment Requirements

You need more than a strategic plan to move into the global payments market. You also need your organization to have the skills and knowledge in place to support your long-term expansion. Rocketpay Group offers immediate and ongoing training for key personnel in the following areas:

  • Underwriting
  • Operations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Finance

Do you have international payments training handled, but you need help teaching your sales personnel about your new service offerings? We help your sales team close key international accounts by acting as a subject matter expert. We make sure the proposed solutions meet your clients’ needs and support your sales efforts.

Get in touch to discuss your global payment facilitation plans.